Foster Fence Affiliates

We Appreciate our Affiliates

Texas Fence Association

Here at Foster Fence, we pride ourselves on delivering quality service, but also cultivating relationships with partners who make positive contributions in the community. The Texas Fence Association is “comprised of 158 unique manufacturers, distributors and contractors in the fence industry.” The Texas Fence Association is an asset to our business partnerships because not only do they serve business, they are also steadfast in their philanthropic endeavors with community fencing projects. People make industries thrive, and we value organizations that improve the lives of others whenever possible.


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Houston Area Safety Council 

Our business diligently follows safety protocols to ensure worksite safety and efficiency. Every employee will undergo mandatory physicals, drug screens, and safety training before visiting their first job site. We take pride in being thorough in our safety approaches. Therefore, partners like the Houston Area Safety Council are an asset for us to continue our safety standards of excellence. Their council is able to provide industry solutions while simplifying the training process for employers, making sure processes are consistent and verifiable.


Visit their website today for more information about their safety resources!

Associated General Contractors of America 

We are also proud members of the Associated General Contractors of America. Additionally, we value opportunities where we can learn from distinguished safety organizations like AGC. The focus of AGC is to address a variety of construction safety issues while providing educational resources to enhance our safety protocols. For all of our installation personnel having the requisite information is essential to providing the best service. We value the safety resources that AGC is able to provide. 

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