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Professional Bass Fisherman & Foster Fence Sponsor Darold Gleason

The Quest For Ocean Ponies 

Darold Gleason is a professional Bass fisherman who we proudly sponsor. He is committed to perfecting his fishing craft just as much as we are committed to providing the highest quality industrial fences. You could say that Darold has an eye for fishing considering his fishing style is known as sight-fishing, meaning when he sees a fish he goes right for it. While this fishing style is challenging as you’ll notice in the video he uses a few different strategies to reel in his fish. Darold relies on experience to be successful in these situations and we do the same when it comes to our industrial fences. 

Experienced Fence Fabricators 

Experience matters in fishing and in fencing. So, if you’re looking for industrial or commercial  security fencing we have exactly what you’re looking for. Our team of experienced fence fabricators will execute projects with the highest level of precision to give you peace of mind. We’re always committed to providing you with durable fence solutions that you can trust over the long haul. This is possible because we are experienced and driven to be the best at what we do just like Darold Gleason. 

To learn more about our fencing solutions get connected with us today and for more videos featuring our sponsor click here!