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Foster Fence is Safety Focused


From the start of all of our fencing projects, we make sure our trained fencing contractors are following safety protocols to make sure the job is done right. With Liftmaster UL325 Standard Safety Gate Excellence training our installers are well equipped to provide up to date and reliable fencing options. When our contractors install fences they make sure to keep underground wires and piping intact to prevent unsafe situations from occurring.

Trusted Service 

Our objective is to deliver a quality fencing experience that ensures safety is achieved where you will not have to worry about the durability or security of your fence. Additionally, when you are working with your fencing contractor they will do a thorough analysis of the fencing parameters that you wish to address. In doing so you will be able to communicate your concerns in a fashion where you can move forward with confidence knowing that your fencing dreams can become a reality. 


We pride ourselves on providing safety fencing that is durable and dependable. We have a variety of fencing solutions for your industrial fencing needs and understand that security is a priority for our clients. Therefore whenever maintenance is needed you can be assured at your safety will not be compromised with our 24-hour emergency gate operator service that is available for all of our clients.

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